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MAX Index
The purpose was to make the MAX INDEX a reliable benchmark for institutional and private investors against which they can measure the performance of their own government bond portfolios. In developing the index, it was an important criterion that its composition should reflect the prevailing structure of the government bonds market, especially in terms of size and liquidity of bonds. Consequently, the index basket corresponds to a usual, passively managed and well diversified portfolio of government bonds.

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RMAX Index
When the RMAX Index was worked out that contains government bonds and discount Treasury bills with residual maturity between three months and one year. The calculation method of the index is the same as for MAX Index, i.e. the total return index concept laid down by the European Federation of Analysts' Societies (EFFAS) Commission on Bonds was applied.

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MAX Composite
The RMAX Index is very closely related with the MAX Index, because the government bonds excluded from the latter index are automatically included in RMAX Index thereby complementing discount Treasury bills. The composite index of the two indices based on their market shares is the MAX Composite index, which contains all discount Treasury bills and government bonds included in the primary dealer system.

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BMX Indices
The MAX index family,which cover a substantial part of Hungarian government ecurities, well reflects the development of the government securities market and certain segments thereof.Due to their comprehensive nature,the e indices are especially useful for inve tor whose portfolio include a wide range of Government ecuritie or those who need an overall picture of the government securities market.

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ZMAX Index
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